Children's Jewellery

Made with Love

Children’s Jewellery Made with Love

If you are tired of buying pocket money “throw away” necklaces and accessories for your little girl, or if you realise that the designer children’s Jewellery on the market is too extravagent to wear to the play park and parties, then JennyWrenJewels has the answer for you! Faced with this problem for my own little girl I decided to create an affordable range of children’s jewellery without compromising on quality.  

JennyWrenJewels offers on-trend, affordable Sterling Silver children’s jewellery – Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings alongside themes your child will adore – Unicorns and mermaids, hearts, stars, butterflies, fairies and so much more.

Each item is beautifully packaged in its own branded box and pretty bag with a Made with Love heart charm.

We love to give our children special gifts! Enjoy your shopping experience at JennyWrenJewels

Love Jenny xx

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be a unicorn
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